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Structural Steel Construction - services
iBM STEEL FABRICATION & ERECTION COMPANY UGANDA. was founded in the early 2014 with a team of key professional personnel, all of whom had previously worked on large & small city steel structural building projects in Uganda.

The company has now grown to include several Steel Fabrication and Erection services and steel civil works to the engineering & construction sector in Uganda. Steel Fabrication is an exacting science. Every aspect of an assignment is studied carefully to ensure safety, efficiency, and timeliness. We are committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace, and we comply with relevant EPA regulations and local council conditions.

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At IBM STEEL & METAL FABRICATORS COMPANY UGANDA LTD, we specialize in steel fabrication and metal fabrication to ISO 9000 standards. We are able to provide you with a wide range of expert services, including steel fabrication, profiling and press work services utilizing the latest state-of-the-art cutting technology in Uganda. Our clients are guaranteed the highest quality workmanship at extremely competitive prices, as we provide our services to every manufacturing sector, including; Construction, Industrial and the Water Sector.

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IBM STEEL & METAL FABRICATORS COMPANY UGANDA LTD works on a wide range of products in many diverse industries including; Designing, Fabrication & Erection of Steel Structures for Factories; Warehouses, Petrol/Gas-stations, Highrise Buildings, Steel-Tanks and Steel-Metalic Stands/Towers within Uganda (East Africa).

Services Offered

  • Steel Fabrication & Erection
  • Metal Fabrication Engineering Works
  • Aluminum Works
  • Steel Towers Stands
  • Steel Metal Construction


To offer highly competitive consultancy services in Steel and Metal Fabrication Engineering using new and innovative technology that meets the total needs of our clients.


Colline House - Pilkington Road
Tel: +256 704 032 414
+256 781 580 278